CEO Biography

Seyed Afshid Fatemi Nazar was born in 1976 and raised in the capital of Iran, Tehran. He has been hard at work Since 2002. Afshid is a professional artist specializing in strong arts, visual and visionary design, and innovative advertising campaigns. He has an MBA in Marketing and Advertising from Tehran University in Iran. Afshid is an experienced Senior Art Director with a demonstrated history of working and leading teams of craftspeople, artists, and copywriters in the publishing industry for over a decade. His creative and detail-oriented graphic design knowledge with a strong background in book design, advertising, print, and production allowed him to collaborate with different well-known publishers in Iran. Afshid is a member of the Iranian Graphic Designer Society (IGDS). He also exhibited his artwork in several notable innovative international festivals, such as Stencil Art Prize (2017). As a team leader and instructor, Afshid is an expert in mentoring and coaching artists to encourage the development of personal styles and techniques. Currently, Afshid works in his studio for publishers and individual clients and, creates his own artwork.